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We, at Kingsclubbettingtips.com, do not have ownership with any of the bookmakers. We only provide guide and information to Cricket betting site and their services has no affiliation with the cricket teams, tournaments or organisations displayed on this website.
We are here to give you the Best Cricket Betting Tips and highest quality Match Report with 100% Accuracy about cricket, that you can find anywhere online!
We helping out fellow bettors finding the best gambling portals to place their (cricket) bets and we still follow this vision, as well as keep an up to date list of sports book reviews.
The focus on our site are delivering the best Cricket Betting Tips and that’s for free to some extend after satisfaction you can purchase our premium services.
The tips are produced by professional cricket writers, but often in conjunction with a trusted circle of professional bettors.
King’s Club is not a bookmaker but an individual website offering research based reviews, news and information on top bookmakers online.



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